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The Nautical State School "Artiglio" is a high school with the aim to form Masters and Officers
of Merchant Navy and to prepare for the profession of Shipbuilder.


The aim of all Nautical School is to form Masters and Officers of Merchant Navy.
By Merchant navy is meant all ships with merchant and pleasure purposes such as passenger ships, cargo ships, oil tankers, gas carriers, ferries, engine and sailing yacht etc.
Each ships has her own Master who is totally responsible for Navigation and Safety on board, the good stowage and conservation of cargo and passengers comfort. He should also ensure the respect of national and international rules dealing with life and work on board.
The Deck department is also made up of a number of officers in charge of the most important duties about the ship, running and navigating.
All Masters and Officers must hold a specific certificate of a course of study as a Master mariner issued by a Nautical School.
Besides Deck department there is Engine-Room department whose Officers are responsible for runing and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment, in particular the main engine apparatus.
The Chief Engineer is the head of this department supported by a team of engineer officers in charge of different specific duties, who are required to have a nautical school certificate as an Engineer Officer.
A third figure linked to the world of merchant ships is the Shipbuilder whose job is to plan and to design ships.
Not belonging to the sailing personnel, he finds his own job in shipyard or technical and designing studies or as a free professional.
The Nautical School "Artiglio" is located within a productive, handcraft and industrial area of the dockyard of Viareggio and directly linked to those mariner a nautical occupations for which our students are trained. The school can boast the Planetarium, a characteristic construction with a dome-shaped roof rising right at the main entrance and clearly visible from the street, used both by our own students and by those from any other school.
Our school rose in Viareggio in 1966 as a branch of the Nautical School of Leghorn with the two traditional courses of Masters and Engineer Officers.
Up to that year, in fact, the town, in spite of its old maritime tradition, was not provided with such a type of school and young people who wanted to embark on a seafaring career had to attend the Leghorn Institute.
In 1974 the institute became completely indipendent and in 1986, also considering its shipyard inclination, it started the course of Shipbuilder, strongly required by the whole town and the local nautical companies.
The school, being with no name left after the separation fron Leghorn, was then called "Artiglio" as a tribute to the enterprises and valour of those divers from Viareggio who tragically died on that ship.
Since 1990 the school has had a new and modern building fit to hold the most sophisticated instruments and to offer the students a comfortable, proper and stimulating place suitable for their studies and the job they will start.
The subjects of the first three years are the same as the other technical schools so taht, once taken the proper examinations, it is possible the passage through different types of schools.
As shown in the timetable, all classes have 36 hours a week.
The basic common teaching are Italian, English, Maths, Physics and others. From the third year students are taught specialized technical subjects supported by appropriate practice in laboratories which represent the great richness of our school.
With the purpose to complete and improve techincals and cultural qualification of the students, the Nautical School "Artiglio" carries out various initiatives that cover and integrate the didactic requirements of all subjects and the different occasions of study.
Our initiatives, well established for years by now, are the following:
The five years of studies consist of a first triennium common to the three different courses and the last two years of specialization.
The characteristics of high professionalism and the specific skills required from the crew call for a constant practice carried out through didactic instruments and equipment actually used on ships and shipyards.
All our laboratories are properly provided with equipment wholly complying with these basics needs and, as technological progress makes great strikes forward, they are constantly kept up to date and fitted with the most modern devices.
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