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Swimming and salvage lessons

These lessons, addressed to the students of the first and second class, are part of the program of Seaman Practice; they take place at the Municipal swimming pool of Viareggio and trained by qualified swimming instructors.
The week's sailing voyage
It is generally intended for the students of the first and second year as accomplishment of their seafaring training.
It occurs every year on sailing boats hired on purpose and steered by professional skippers. The group of five/eight boats on average sail for a week around the Tuscan Arcipelago (Elan island, Capraia Island etc.).
Each craft has accomodation for up to eight students and a teacher.
The cruise in the Mediterranean Sea
Planned fot the V classes as a final achievement and verification of the level got by the students, it is carried out on passengers ships and it generally lasts about eight days calling at the main Mediteranean ports.
During the stay on board, besides taking part in the typical recreational activities as ordinary passengers, the students, in collaboration with the crew, have the chance to do live nautical pratice that would be impossible to carry out at school.
That ist also a good opportunity to see if they have a bent for sea life.
This cruise is addressed to the courses of Master Mariners and Engineer Officers. For the Shipbuilders is instead planned a school trip abroad to shipyards structures of international importance. The Naval Tank of Paris, where the behaviour of scale ships models in construction is tested, has been one of our most frequent destination for some years.
Schooltrip to a European Country
The students of the third and fourth year usually go on a few days trip to a near European country. The aim is to improve the knowledge, costumes and culture of different countries and widen one's human and geographic experience.
Summer stages
There is a strong cooperation between the school and the world of work of our town, that is the reason why, for some years, we have been promoting and maintaining the realization of a series of stages within the town shipyards and other nautial companies.
These stages are organized during summer holidays; they are real occupations covered by regular insurance.
According to their abilities and experience, the students may come into contact with those particular activities dealing with nautical industry.
It is an opportunity for them to experience and to test their school choice, to make themelves known and appreciated, facilitating them to enter the world of work.


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